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screw you, i'm in the jungle.

i hear people have been wondering where i have been.
i don't play on computers because i am in the jungle. i got sick and tired of my life in toronto. too many memories...when i ran away from home, i got a job as a janitor. i couldn't work very long, because the smell of cleaner kind of bugs me.

so now i score every night now with junglechicks. amanda told everybody i was dead. i hate her. i'm not dead, just a little part. i still use my cape.

i miss some of my old friends. especially the ones that made me presents.
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especially the ones that made me presents.

ONLY the ones that gave me presents.
thanks. i am pretty hot.
you want my rad body.
oh yeh.
Oh Jungleduck...you've always scared me a little. I always found you a little odd, with your extra tiny frame and your tiny little outfits...and well, that whole tiny duck thing.

But, I did get you off, with a frog...so we have that special bond. I've missed you :-P